15 Innovative Ways To Repurpose And Reuse Old Windows

When the window installers removed my old bedroom windows last month .I thought about just throwing them out or may be just selling them cheap but then i wondered,”why to throw it when you can reuse it.

So, when you’re done with that old windows, don’t just throw it away, use it to make something awesome.  There’s so much you can do with them! Checkout these 15 creative, functional DIY projects that will transform the old windows into everything from useful storage to great home decor. Also attaching tutorials for the guide on how to make one for yourself.

I hope, It will be helpful for you.

7 Creative Ways To Decorate Home With Mirrors!

Mirrors are a designer’s best friend and i love to decorate with mirrors for many reasons. Firstly they always look glamorous. Secondly they always make a small space look bigger ,brighter and larger. Then, they can literally fit to any space, as they are readily available in every size and style. Next, and very importantly, they are a very economical decor option, so can be used in interiors of any budget.

And lastly, there isn’t only one way to decorate with mirrors. There are just so many ways . So here today  find some interesting ways to decorate your home .

Tom Dixon’s new collection inspired by the Indian art

Tom Dixon has created a collection of candle holders and serving platters made from green forest marble sourced from India, called Rock.


Whether you’re renovating or just looking to invest in your new homes read this before you hit the shops and stores. 2018 is definitely going to be the year of forgotten trends, because it’s about to re-introduce some of the iconic trends we adored in the years behind us. From brass and gold, through vibrant green as well as the timeless black and white patterns, interior designs of 2018 will be absolutely ground-breaking . So I thought to create a fun little post today with 26 different design trends.

How to transform bathroom into a spa

A Trip To The Spa #Privateheaven

After a long day at work , there’s nothing better for your body and mind than a spa , don’t you think ? Having a spa bathroom is one of the dream and it will give to you the peace that you deserve . 

Bohemian style

Design Your Living Space #Bohemianstyle

Wherever you look these days ,it seems like bohemian style is the thing .It’s all about being free-spirited ,enjoying the world and living an artistic life where you express yourself freely through the most creative ways .If you are among the folks who just can’t get enough of the 1970’s , pattern ,plants , weaving’s , geometric shapes and the comfortable clutter of bohemian interiors .


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