Emoi Smart Aroma Diffuser Lamp Speaker

      wireless speaker × aroma diffuser × interior light.

One product that does everything! First, this is an aroma an aroma diffuser; oh I just so love aroma diffuser, that I once bought on my trip to china. Normally, I will set the time for 2 hours and let it diffuse and it will stop automatically, while the aroma will remain for like an hour. It is also a Bluetooth speaker, not like those with built in music and with only several tracks to choose from, you can connect with your phone and play any kind of music you like. The light is also super comfortable; it is very gentle and warm light.I love this product very much, highly recommend.

Tom Dixon’s new collection inspired by the Indian art

Tom Dixon has created a collection of candle holders and serving platters made from green forest marble sourced from India, called Rock.


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