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Wherever you look these days ,it seems like bohemian style is the thing .It’s all about being free-spirited ,enjoying the world and living an artistic life where you express yourself freely through the most creative ways .If you are among the folks who just can’t get enough of the 1970’s , pattern ,plants , weaving’s , geometric shapes and the comfortable clutter of bohemian interiors .

“A little bit hippie and A little bit hipster ” “A little bit retro and A little bit romantic “

I put together a list of 10 must have elements for bohemian style .As long as you have these elements ,the rest can stay or go . . .

1. Flora and Fauna 


You own more plants than furniture , as this style is closest to nature .Bohemian style is all about layering ,as well with plants of varying heights grouped together , creeping , climbing plants like money plants , plants on floor and plants in handing in macrame knots .

2. Touches of fur 


Add a little bit fur here and there ,especially it looks good on a cozy chair . Also ,  placed moroccan poufs to add a bohemian element to your space .Get one and place it in living room for impact .

3.  A peacock chair download

Every living space must have one .They are cozy and oh so boho ..It’s a bohemian trademark .

4. An Element of animal print 


 Zebra ,cheetah ,tiger .All of it goes with this style . So don,t be shy with this must have element .

5. Bring on the color –


Layering is the basic and the most important element of this style ,So don’t be shy with the color . A little secret :all colors go together , from bright to bold  . Just find the colors that you like and import it in your space .

6. A woven wall hanging 


Unusual unique wall hangings ,you can go easy with a dream catcher ,step it up to a macrame hanging piece or play with rug on the wall , However bold you want to go is up to you ,but its a key none -the-less.

7.  Mix and Match 


The key to using materials in this style . From classic carved pieced of  furniture to soft furnishings , From patterns to colors , From textile to texture , everything is mixed and matched to give the bohemian look .”The busier the patterns the better “. 

8. Chandelier , Candles + Lanterns


There is something about vintage chandelier and a Collection of mercury glass candles that go with boho . Moroccan , Oversized  and Hanging style lamps and lanterns from the wall or in corners is oh so bohemian and essential for bohemian living .

9. Antiques


You’ve got to be open to decorating with things that have vintage flair . Whether it be an antique table ,ornate boxes , oversized mirror leaning against one of your wall and showcase travel souvenirs from all over the world . Be sure to incorporate at least 2 or 3  things with  some history.

10. Carpet the floors 


Whether you choose to have a wooden flooring or tiled floors , a large carpet or rug is a must have for bohemian interiors . Use shaggy or moroccan rug , Something that your feet will just sink into .

So that’s my bohemian interior guide -literally! and a whole bunch of tips to get a great bohemian interior.

Thank-you for reading my complete blog , Hope you enjoyed it !! I’d love to know what you think ,please take some time out to share it with me . The comment box awaits !!


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NAMASTEY !! HEY !! I am Ayushi Bung , an interior designer ,blogger and design junkie .This blog is where is share my inspiration and latest design infatuations . I believe that hard work is essential to a life of real success and fulfillment .I love design for the opportunity to bring something to life .To personalize ,to reflect a client hopes and aspirations and to give character and ambiance . Rest wish me luck ..


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    Ar Ke

    This blog about bohemian style is very impressive i will surely think about this..thanks for posting keep updating and share your ideas

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    Purnima chechani


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