How to transform bathroom into a spa

A Trip To The Spa #Privateheaven

After a long day at work , there’s nothing better for your body and mind than a spa , don’t you think ? Having a spa bathroom is one of the dream and it will give to you the peace that you deserve . 

A trip to the spa is the ultimate way to de-stress, that melts the day’s worries away or gets you in the best, relaxed mood to face the day , Dreaming of a spa weekend isn’t always easy or affordable, but creating a spa-like environment in your own bathroom can be achieved easily . So, why not turn your bathroom into an at-home spa-like retreat ? All it takes is a few more elements to evoke the spa-like atmosphere. 

Transform your Own Bathroom into a Relaxing SPA

Here are a few simple ideas for turning your bathroom into a relaxing spa -like retreat. Also these are affordable and should work in just about any bathroom ( even small or windowless ones ! ) . Keep scrolling and feel inspired with these ideas to create your Private Heaven …

1. Stick with Neutral, Earthy tones – Spas tend to use light colors for a calming effect , giving the space an organic feel  as well as a spacious feel to your small bathroom . White is a great base color , it creates a calming effect and reduces stress ; then add accents of pale blue , beige ,light grey and  brown to keep the space from feeling too sterile ..salle-de-bain-design-moderne-style-elegance-symmetrie-meuble



2. Aromatherapy is an important consideration – Your rejuvenation journey can’t be completed without aromatherapy , since scents are famous for boosting one’s  health and mood , So don’t forget to add relaxing aromas to your space .The rose petals can also add a warm ambience to your bathroom, making the space feel warm , romantic and relaxing . For the perfect relaxing bath experience, essential oils are a must. Lavender oil is great to get you in a sleepy mood, rose oil is known for its relaxing fragrance while geranium and vanilla are comforting and relatively inexpensive.



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3. Add Greenery – The plants are much easier to keep you alive . A cluster of  bathroom plants , Not only do they help to clean the air , but they’re an easy way to add a relaxing and inviting feel to the space . Not sure which plants are best ? Try to place an orchid on your vanity for more of a Zen look . 




4. Set the Mood – Lighting is the key to give your bathroom a relaxing and soothing atmosphere . Try to install Recessed Ceiling Lights that come with dimmer controls. Also you can install a Dimming switch  if you can , turning those harsh lights into sexy mood lighting or soften lighting and get the spa -like feel . If you’re on rental and can’t install dimmers , add in a selection of alternate lighting : Small lamps , Wall sconces and Candles galore .



5. Add Lots of Candles – “Adding candles to your bathroom it’s one of the tricks to have a bathroom with spa-feeling! ”   ….To create your own spa bathroom , just think “relaxing” with calming candlelight .  White Candles , addition of scented candles , old diffusers and the flame of fragrant candles can add a warm ambience to your bathroom, making the space feel warm , romantic and relaxing .                                                                                                                                                                                      




6. Add Some Music –   A spa wouldn’t be complete without some Calm or Soothing Music to cover up sounds you don’t want for Bath meditation . So don’t forget to place waterproof Bluetooth speakers for your bathroom spa to create a pleasant auditory experience.




7. Surround yourself with softness –  To retain heat within your body, there’s no better way than indulging yourself in comfy, warm towels after a long session of hot waterWhen you’re ready to leave your spa-like bathroom, take that relaxation with you by surrounding yourself with softness. Make sure you step onto a plush bath mat or into fluffy slippers. 




8. Natural textures  – Natural textures like wood and stone breathe life into a bathroom spa . Although wood flooring can surely evoke the feeling of peace and warmth to your bathroom spa. Go for Faux wooden tiles , as these are ceramic or porcelain tile that imitates the natural textures of wood. It not only has a higher resistance to water, but also comes in a variety of patterns that can match any spa bathroom décor. 




9. Add something surprising – May be it’s a buddha statue , A piece of art or a giant mirror  in your bathroom (or something more practical like bathroom tubs, waterfall jacuzzi or waterfalls on wall ) . Just add something that will surprise you and perhaps transport you to a feeling of relaxation . 



10. Consider the presentation – As you can imagine, bath salts, yummy-smelling soaps and other treats for your body are a great way to treat yourself to a spa day. But don’t just line them up unceremoniously on your bathroom counter. Think about the presentation. Put products in lovely containers you like handling. If you have a tub, consider splurging on a lovely-to-you bathtub caddy that you can slip into a warm bath under.


…Close your eyes and let your new spa bathroom give you a spa treatment …Thankyou!! I hope it will surely help you to understand the basic requirements  for bathroom spa or you can say “private Heaven”…


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